July 2012
  • Date2012.7.7 - 2012.8.15
  • Time11:30 - 22:00
  • Venue油麻地 kubrick
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我行我攝︰ 香港遊行紀錄攝影展

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遊行示威是民意表達方法之一 。





也是期盼, 我們


Demonstration is one of the ways to voice out our opinions. With 15 years of photo shooting, it bears every demand of people in the society.
It is our recollection. We express ourselves in all sort of ways and manners; and join the rally in every kind of attitude and standpoint. It is also hope, we do not object, we just protect things that we think right.


朱迅  Birdy

影畫創作人。他於香港理工大學修讀設計,在加拿大進修錄像製作及進階攝影,及於香港浸會大學獲取藝術行政碩士。從事過攝影記者、導演、及設計講師。現為香港中文大學專業進修學院創意媒體導師。   2009年,朱迅在加拿大舉辦了個人攝影展 [十二 . 城記],他的錄像藝術曾入選香港藝術雙年獎。   朱迅 一直以攝影及錄像去關注社會發展。

Birdy Chu studied Graphic Design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, film & video production and advanced photography in Canada. He obtained his Master in Visual Art Administration at the Hong Kong Baptist University in 2009.  Birdy has worked as photojournalist, video director and lecturer in design.

In 2009, Birdy had his solo Photography Exhibition -- "A Dozen of Times" in Canada and his film was selected as the finalist of the Hong Kong Contemporary Art Biennial Awards. He is now an instructor of Creative Media at the School of Continuing and Professional Studies of The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

He uses his camera to record the change of the city and the voice of society.


攝影集《我行我攝 -- 香港遊行紀錄》

“I walk therefore I shoot: A record of Hong Kong Demonstrations”
Photo album by Birdy Chu
Will be available on October 2012
Published by kubrick