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    May 2012
    Poetry Society
    Kubrick Poetry • 五月 • 自主的寫作

    Kubrick Poetry • 五月 • 自主的寫作

    Organizerkubrick Poetry
    我們希望,更多的人寫詩,在傷心的時候,在深夜的時候,寫在小本子上,寫在blog上,寫在百佳收據上,然後寄到這個電郵上 kubrickpoems@gmail.com, 我們會把它放在kubrick poetry 的部落格上。總而言之,kubrick詩會是一個有討論﹑有交流﹑有朋友﹑有分享的交匯點,是文化的土壤,是一種氣候,這是我們理想的詩會! 詩會部落格: http://kubrickpoems.blogspot.com/ 歡迎留言及瀏覽。
  • 25
    March 2012
    Art Talk


    OrganizerArt Hotpot in Hong Kong

    「Art Hotpot」 is an exchange program curated and presented by C&G Artpartment and Zatoka Sztuki for visual artists from Sopot, Poland, and Hong Kong. The first part of it was launched at the art space: Zatoka Sztuki (The Bay of Art), MCKA in Sopot in January 2012 (more info can be found here). In March, five Polish artists are coming to Hong Kong for the second part of this program, and participant in the 「Art Hotpot」 exhibition which encourages artists to physically or conceptually involves 「heat」 in the art pieces. Amongst, three of them work mainly in the medium of video art and animation art: Maciek Salomon, Kamila Chomicz, Jarek Czarnecki.

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