Wilson Tsang/ Whale Song (Limited copy) CD
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Wilson Tsang/ Whale Song (Limited copy) CD

Product Information

Whale song is no song. Neither is it about any whale exactly.

It is somewhat an attempt to explore the essence of sound (and luckily, music) while to express it as a language in its own right. Its a record of filtered-down memories, fantasies, nightmares or dreams which are usually forgotten upon awakening. It's the glass shoe that awaits silently in the shadowy corner – invisible, fragile, and desperate. The title, however, takes shape upon seeing a video footage of a Japanese fisherman absent-mindedly butchering a little helpless dolphin with knife.

There is not one single word in the entire album but waves of noise and occasionally pale notes of a piano composing some broken chords or melodies. It is a projection with extreme expressions and obscure cinematic intension – a non-linear journey containing lonely sadness, endurance, chaos, joy and peace,

It's a missing piece, and it's a minor key...

A little match will burn
a little rain will drown
To try to understand humanity
through the long dark tunnel

This is my Whale song

Brief introduction on the CD book:
A limited edition of black and white 48-page booklet containing words,
photo artworks and drawings by the artist, each individually numbered.

Song List

1         Departure     
2         Submersion     
3         Still Night     
4         Blue Hides     
5         Avalanche     
6         Ho Humming     
7         Scope of Delight     
8         Hazy Mirror     
9         Smoke Vent     
10         Spinning Top     
11         Out Of Plight     
12         All that Ever Was     
13         Humpty, You     
14         Opposite Shore     
15         Smell of Breeze     
16         Dear Child     
17         One Fine Day (Hidden Track)