Notorious 美人計 (1946) DVD
  • DirectorAlfred Hitchcock
  • CastCary Grant, Ingrid Bergman, Claude Rains, Charles D. Brown, Wally Brown
  • Film Genre UK Cinema
  • CountryUSA
  • Language English
  • Subtitle English
  • Runtime101mins
  • Disc1
  • FormatDVD
  • RegionDVD REGION 1
  • Weight(kg)0.12kg
  • ISBN883904109877
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Notorious 美人計 (1946) DVD


Product Information

One of Alfred Hitchcock's classics, this romantic thriller features a cast to kill for: Ingrid Bergman, Cary Grant, and Claude Rains. Bergman plays the daughter of a disgraced father who is recruited by American agents to infiltrate a post-World War II spy ring in Brazil. Her control agent is Grant, who treats her with disdain while developing a deep romantic bond with her. Her assignment: to marry the suspected head of the ring (Rains) and get the goods on everyone involved. Danger, deceit, betrayal--and, yes, romance--all come together in a nearly perfect blend as the film builds to a terrific (and surprising) climax. Grant and Bergman rarely have been better.