Heart of Glass (1976) - Region 1 - DVD
  • DirectorWerner Herzog
  • writersWerner Herzog, Herbert Achternbusch
  • CastJosef Bierbichler, Stefan Güttler, Clemens Scheitz, Sonja Skiba, Wolf Albrecht
  • Film Genre German Cinema
  • CountryGermany
  • Language German
  • Subtitle English
  • Year1976
  • Runtime94mins
  • Disc1
  • FormatDVD
  • RegionDVD REGION 1
  • Weight(kg)0.15kg
  • ISBN013131156690
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Heart of Glass (1976) - Region 1 - DVD

Herz aus Glas

Product Information
A small village is renowned for its "Ruby Glass" glass blowing works. When the foreman of the works dies suddenly without revealing the secret of the Ruby Glass, the town slides into a deep depression, and the owner of the glassworks becomes obssessed with the lost secret.