Vivre sa vie (The Criterion Collection) (1962) DVD
  • DirectorJean-Luc Godard
  • CastAnna Karina, Sady Rebbot, André S. Labarthe, Guylaine Schlumberger, Gérard Hoffman
  • Film Genre French Cinema
  • Language French
  • Subtitle English
  • Year1962
  • Disc1
  • FormatDVD
  • RegionDVD REGION 1
  • Weight(kg)0.25kg
  • ISBN715515057110
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Vivre sa vie (The Criterion Collection) (1962) DVD

Vivre sa vie (The Criterion Collection) (1962)

Product Information
Vivre sa vie was a turning point for Jean-Luc Godard and remains one of his most dynamic films, combining brilliant visual design with a tragic character study. The lovely Anna Karina, Godard's greatest muse, plays Nana, a young Parisian who aspires to be an actress but instead ends up a prostitute; her downward spiral is depicted in a series of discrete tableaux of daydreams and dances. Featuring some of Karina and Godard's most iconic moments - from her movie theater vigil with The Passion of Joan of Arc to her seductive pool-hall strut - Vivre sa vie is a landmark of the French New Wave that still surprises at every turn.