Unico In The Island Of Magic (1983)DVD
  • DirectorMoribi Murano村野守美
  • Film Genre Classics
  • Country美國
  • Language English Japanese
  • Subtitle English
  • Year2012
  • Runtime91 MINSmins
  • Disc1
  • FormatDVD
  • RegionDVD REGION 1
  • Weight(kg)0.13kg
  • ISBN875707006293
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Unico In The Island Of Magic (1983)DVD

Unico In The Island Of Magic (1983)

Product Information

     A magical unicorn rescues a little girl and her family from a malevolent wizard with plans for global domination. Unico is a unicorn who makes new friends wherever he goes. When Unico meets a little girl named Cheery, they're positively inseparable. Trouble arises, however, when Cherry's older brother Toby returns home after many years, and reveals that he now works for a powerful wizard named Kuruku - who turns the children's parents into mindless living dolls. Now, as Kukuru hatches a plan to enslave the entire human race, Cherry and Unico must race to stop him, and save the young girl's family in the process