Memories of Murder 殺人回憶 DVD
  • Director奉 俊昊
  • Cast金相慶, 宋 康昊
  • Film Genre Korean Cinema
  • CountryHong Kong
  • Language koeran
  • Subtitle Traditional Chinese English
  • Runtime131mins
  • Disc1
  • FormatDVD
  • RegionDVD REGION 3
  • Weight(kg)0.14kg
  • ISBN04EDVD07
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Memories of Murder 殺人回憶 DVD

Memories of Murder 殺人回憶 DVD

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Based on the true story of the first serial killings in Korea.

The body of a young woman is found brutally raped and murdered, and similar crimes continue to occur. A special task force, joined by a detective from Seoul and local officer, is hence set up. In spite of the divergent investigation style, detectives find out that women wearing-red on rainy day as the victim's profile. They try to set up a trap to forestall another murder. The next day, however, yet another woman is found murdered - with an umbrella speared through her pubis