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  1. 房間


    Regular PriceHK$75

    Out of stock

  2. 西藏烏蠅


    On Sale

    Regular Price: HK$58

    Special Price: HK$35

  3. Two-way Communication

    Two-way Communication

    On Sale

    Regular Price: HK$150

    Special Price: HK$90

    Out of stock

  4. 突然獨身 十周年紀念版

    突然獨身 十周年紀念版

    Regular PriceHK$72

  5. There's a dark dark wood inside my head

    There's a dark dark wood inside my head

    Regular PriceHK$128

    Out of stock

  6. Homemade


    Regular PriceHK$48

    Out of stock

  7. 蒲精列傳vol. 1 不能

    蒲精列傳vol. 1 不能

    Regular PriceHK$55

    Out of stock

  8. 活在平常


    Regular PriceHK$68

  9. Trash Talk (with doll)

    Trash Talk (with doll)

    Regular PriceHK$120

  10. 太平盛世的形上流亡


    Regular PriceHK$85

    Out of stock

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