Monitors / Buller CD
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Monitors / Buller CD

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 Buller explodes with the intensity of a billion somersaulting shards of noise rock shrapnel fired from the cracked barrel of a double-loaded, short-fused black powder cannon that targets the very center of your being with a crosshair made from the jawbones of racehorses. It never misses and the blast pattern from the shot engraves your inner ear with your new mantra: "MONITORS + YOU = TRULUV4EVA." Joe whoops and pounds his guitar as though his animal spirit has just been baptized inside the curl of a tsunami wave and is psychically speed-dialing you to communicate the revelation of its experience through caterwauled chirps, howls, and other modes of forest speech. Kevin discovers fire on guitar for the first time again and teaches it new tricks. Paul's bass playing is more beautiful than a mushroom cloud on the horizon seen in the reflection of a bathroom mirror while shaving in a dream from which you can't wake unless it's already happened. Andrew only uses drumheads made from the hides of woolly mammoths felled by his own hands and booms with the force of giant lazer hammers launched out of deep space by alien warships from the future. Highly recommended.

Members :Joseph Post - Guitar, Piano
Kevin Foresman - Guitar
Paul Joyner - Bass
Andrew Chitwood - Drums, Vibraphone

Recorded live at CMSU studios on December 22, 2005.
Recorded and mixed by Joseph Post

Song List
01. Exploding Racehorses
02. Theme From Tremors
03. Conduction
04. Improvisation