Am I a Redundant Human Being?
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  • LanguageEnglish
  • Publication Date2010/09/14
  • Size14 x 20 x 1.4 cm
  • Page160Page
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  • ISBN9781564785817
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Am I a Redundant Human Being?

Book Information
Aloisia Schmidt is an ordinary secretary with a burning questino: am I a redundant human being? She's neither pretty nor ugly (though she wishes she were hideous: at least that would be something), has no imagination, and is forced to live vicariously through "borrowed" fantasy - fantasy, that is, borrowed from books, plays, even other people's lives. She loves to hate herself, and loves for other people to hate her too. In one final, guilt-ridden, masturbatory, self-obsessed confession, Aloisia indulges her masochistic tendencies to the fullest, putting her entire life on trial, and trying, through telling her story (a story, she assures us, that's "so laughably mundane" it's really no story at all), to transform an ordinary life into something extraordinary.
Author Description
Mela Hartwig was born in 1893 in Vienna, where she went on to have a successful career as an actress. After marrying, Hartwig left the stage and turned her hand to writing, where she developed a name for herself as a modernist and feminist. In 1938, Hartwig and her husband immigrated to London, where she befriended Virginia Woolf. She died in London in 1967.