cacao 可口 Vol.6
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  • Publication Date2012/04
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cacao 可口 Vol.6


Cacao: Dublin and Epiphany

Book Information
2010年聯合國將都柏林列為「文學之都」(City of Literature)。都柏林-這座歐陸邊陲的孤城,不富裕也不至於苦困的生活,分歧出「靈光乍現 」(Epiphany)造就了詹姆士.喬伊斯(James Joyce)神啟般難解的小說,道盡都柏林的苦澀與解脫。攜著那些棄絕暴力的表述,滲透強索的威望。至今,「都柏林在進步」,新一股「意識流」狀態,剎那 至永恆。

In 2010, Dublin was labeled ”CIty of Literature” by the United Nations. Life in Dublin, an isolated city that is at the same time so close to the European continent, is not rich, but does not count as poor either. It is that kind of ”epiphany” that inspired James Joyce to write his widely appreciated works that are demanding and hard to read. The language in his works is often violent, but a certain kind of pride always shines through. Today, a new ”stream of consciousness” which emphasizes Dublin’s progress is on the move, covering everything from a split second to eternity.

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每一期,我們直送無國界創意產業人士的熱燙觀點,獨家呈現 。



This is a revolutionary newsletter about dream and frustration, about depression and courage.
This is a solid book about people, knowledge and trend.
This is a wow recipe for the future generation to get creative nutrition.

Every issue, we introduce a theme, a city and twelve creative people from that city.
Every issue, we invite academic and professional talents from different fields to discuss about the core concepts from their expertise.
Every issue, we present the hottest, most exclusive viewpoints of people from creative industries without limit.

The theme of our first issue is Bohemia, which also serves as the core spirit of our magazine.
Bohemia is not a representation of a location nor a time, but it is an attitude that exsists everywhere.
Through our magazine, we want to bring courage, to inspire thinking and to induce action to those who have lost their dreams and passion in everyday life.

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