Akira 亞基拉 Soundtrack 2LP
  • ArtistGeinoh Yamashirogumi 蕓能山城組
  • Product Genre LP
  • Countryjapanese
  • Languagejapanese
  • Disc2
  • FormatVINYL
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  • ISBN9992107049048
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Akira 亞基拉 Soundtrack 2LP

Product Information

    1988 soundtrack album for Katsuhiro Otomo's 'Akira' manga movie. A mix of digital synthesizers, Indonesian chromatic percussion, traditional Japanese theatrical and spiritual music, European classical, and of course progressive rock.

Song List

Side A:
1. Kaneda
2. Battle Against Clown
3. Tetsuo

Side B:
1. Winds Over Neo-Tokyo
2. Shohmyoh
3. Mutation

Side C:
1. Doll's Polyphony
2. Illusion

Side D:
1. Exodus From The Underground Fortress
2. Requiem