Palestine:The Birth of Israel 1948-1949 DVD
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Palestine:The Birth of Israel 1948-1949 DVD

Palestine:The Birth of Israel 1948-1949

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Some 5,000 would-be Jewish immigrants aboard the Haganah ship Exodus used tear-gas, smoke bombs, steam jets, iron bars and tins of food to fight off a boarding party of British Naval ratings. The fight lasted an hour and a half and then the immigrants were to transfer to three waiting ships, to take them to Cyprus, bringing the number of Jews detained there to 20,000. The EXODUS was an old troop ship captained by an American Jew with many young Jews as the ships crew. The clamour for a Jewish state in Palestine was rising.

Using original archive footage, this programme shows the historical events of the time, as the British prepare to pull out of Palestine and the state of Israel is proclaimed.